Holly Cruise is a designer and maker of objects living in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

She began her career in the arts at the age of 19 working for UrbanGlass, the New York Experimental Glass Workshop in Brooklyn, NY. She moved to New Orleans, LA where she worked in a production glassblowing facility. Holly came to Vancouver in 1999, and began working for New-Small & Sterling Studio Glass. During this time she continued to pursue her careers as both a hot glass & flameworking glass artist, making work ranging from giant glass robots, to tiny glass birds.

Holly is a graphic designer and illustrator, with a wide range of past and present projects including print, clothing, and product design.

In 2012, Holly co-founded Terminal City Glass Co-op, where she worked as the Executive Director until 2017.


The objects I make are joyfully uncomplicated. I draw inspiration from nature and simple items of everyday life. Combining the brilliant spectrum of colours with my penchant for graphic patterns, I transform glass into fanciful delights.